Shaping the future of fintech in Malaysia

Democratising wealth creation for all Malaysians

Jewel Digital Ventures Sdn Bhd (“JDV”) is an innovation hub set up by Permodalan Nasional Berhad (“PNB”) to spearhead its digital business transformation, continuously finding new solutions to enhance and modernise the technology of investing to suit its customers needs and create growth.

JDV’s mandate is to ideate, incubate, launch and operate innovative product offerings in the FinTech space with a focus on democratising wealth creation for all Malaysians.

Customer Centric
Think like customers: focus on serving their needs
Seek first to understand, then to be understood
Trust & Dependability
Be credible, reliable and trustworthy to everyone
Bias for Action
Take calculated risks - done is better than perfect
Learning Mentality
Be curious, brave & humble enough to explore new possibilities
Be Really Good at Something
Hone your niche skill, while building a broad tool box
Act on behalf of the company, not simply yourself or your team
Ownership & Empowerment
Act like owners: think big, think long-term, raise the bar
Obligation to Dissent
Challenge respectfully when you disagree, no matter who it may be with

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We’re building financial applications that drive commercial value and wealth creation for businesses and individuals. Join us to drive wealth creation for all of Malaysia.

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